St. Alexander School recognizes that its students are a generation of “digital natives” who have integrated technology into their daily activities. The school’s technology vision is to accommodate that reality by integrating technology into all curriculums.

Our impressive computer lab includes the latest Macintosh computers and flat-panel monitors, along with a comprehensive selection of learning tools and software. The curriculum includes everything from Internet safety to PowerPoint presentations and more.


St. Alexander remains on the cutting edge of technology as the only school in the Archdiocese to have an Applied Technology Lab, allowing students to explore practical applications of real-world technologies and incorporating STEM. Digital Design, Flight Technology, Heat and Energy and Robots are just a few modules available to our students.


All teachers utilize Smart Board interactive whiteboards, ipads, and ELMOS to create technology-enabled, interactive learning environments for the students. A clicker student response system is utilized to provide real-time assesment.  New technology, such as iPads and Chromebooks, are being assessed and applied in the classrooms.

We promote Digital Citizenship with our students in K-8. Check out this link for some tips on keeping your children safe online at home. Common Sense