Play Raider Football

St. Alexander Football – Fall 2018

St. Alexander’s Raider football program provides:

  •      Commitment to Catholic Values and Sportsmanship
  •      Fun Team Sport
  •      Experienced Coaching Staff
  •      Opportunity for all players
  •      Conditioning
  •      Focus on Fundamentals
  •      Team discipline
  •      Challenge to all players


The St. Alexander Athletic Association Football program wishes to invite our School and Religious Education boys, 4th through 8th grades, to play this great game in the Catholic Grade School Conference League. Our coaching staff consists of men with many years of experience that run a safe, successful and fun program in accordance to the National Youth Football Organization. Practices are usually held 4 days a week, 5:00-6:30pm (no practices on Monday eves once RE classes begin) and will start the second week of August on our St. Alexander Athletic Field. Games are played on Sunday afternoons beginning the 1st week of September and running through mid-November, including playoffs.


FEE: $150 VARSITY: 7th/8th Gr. & JUNIOR VARSITY: 4th-6th Gr.

$35 Jersey with name on back to be kept by player




For more information or questions, please contact Cathy Sullivan, St. Alexander Athletic Director at 708-361-2626, email