2016 St. Alexander Girls Basketball NOTICE OF OPEN REGISTRATION

Dear Parents:

Registration for the 2016 season for St. Alexander Girls Basketball will be held in the St. Al’s gym on Tuesday, May 17th from 7-9pm.

To register, you should (i) fill out the attached registration form, (ii) if child is an RE student, also fill out the attached SSC form, (iii) make check payable in amount described below as applicable to your child, (iv) if your child will be an incoming third grader or a new player, prepare a copy of her birth certificate, and (v) turn in the foregoing on registration night. If you are unable to attend registration night, you may deliver the foregoing to a dropbox (one located in narthex and one located in gym hallway), to Cathy Sullivan, or to Tim Enright PRIOR to registration night. Cathy can be reached at 708-361-2626 (stalsad@aol.com). Tim can be reached at 312-613-0968 (tenright@dfllaw.com). Registration will be deemed closed after registration night.


  1. A) Grades: the program intends to have one or two teams for each of the grades 3rd thru 8th. To the extent necessary, more than one team may be offered at any one grade (or conversely grades may be combined if not enough players).
  2. B) Season: practices usually begin sometime in mid-August and typically occur 2 nights per week (sometimes 3 when available), provided 3rd grade will likely practice only once per week. Games usually begin late August and end (including playoffs, if applicable) about the second week in November, provided that 3rd grade will only play in one league with only one game a week.
  3. C) Rosters: to the extent there is more than one team in a given grade, the rosters for such teams will be determined as follows: for grades 3, 4 and 5, evaluators and coaches will attempt to divide the players so that each team at a given grade has equal talent; for grades 6, 7 and 8, there is an A/B structure and evaluators and coaches will determine through evaluations the players who make the A team, with the remaining players placed on the B team.
  4. D) Costs:
  5. Fees: $185 for grades 6, 7 and 8. $165 for grade 5. $135 for grade 4. $65 for grade 3. Fees do not include uniform costs and warm up shirts (discussed below).
  6. Uniforms: players are encouraged to wear their uniforms from the prior year. If a player needs a new jersey or shorts, new orders must be ordered on registration night, and sample sizes will be available on registration night to try on. Shorts are $13 and jerseys are $29. Players keep their uniforms at season’s end.
  7. Warm Up Shirts (optional): warm up shirts are long sleeve shirts available for purchase by all players. The warm up shirts for all grades are identical, except that each player’s last name is added to the back. While not required, most players opt to purchase one (as


most players will wear these over their game jerseys before games during warmups). If a player needs a new warm up shirt, new orders must be ordered on registration night, and sample sizes will be available on registration night to try on. Warm up shirts $20. Players keep their warm up shirts at season’s end.

  1. Payment: Payment in full is due at registration and should be made by check only (no cash) made payable to St. Alexander Athletic Association.
  2. E) Eligibility Policy: to be eligible to register for girls basketball, (i) the family of the player must be in “good standing” (discussed below), and (ii) your daughter must be one of the following:
  3. St. Al’s registered student for Fall 2016; or
  4. Religious education student in St. Al’s RE program who previously participated on a St. Al’s football, soccer, basketball or volleyball team on or prior to June 30, 2014; or
  5. Religious education student in St. Al’s RE program who has or had a sibling who previously participated on a St. Al’s football, soccer, basketball or volleyball team on or prior to June 30, 2014.
  6. F) Good Standing Policy: For a parish family to be in “good standing”, the family must (i) be registered as parishioners at St. Al’s, (ii) attend mass at St. Al’s regularly, (iii) satisfy (or will satisfy) the Volunteer Requirement (discussed below), and (iv) through the envelope system or otherwise contribute a minimum of $500 per year to the parish collection. The good standing requirement is a continuing covenant to be maintained at all times.
  7. G) Volunteer Requirement Policy: Each family of a player will be required to volunteer 6 hours of time at the St. Al’s gym during the season (i.e. working the gate, the concession stand, etc.). A family with more than one child in the basketball program will not have to serve additional hours. A family with a parent who coaches girls basketball will be exempt. More details will follow once the season begins.
  8. H) Dual Participation Policy. If a player is an RE student and plays basketball for St. Al’s, the player may not play girls basketball for her own school (even if that season does not conflict with the St. Al’s season). If a player violates this rule, the player may be ineligible to participate in basketball or any other St. Al’s sport. For the purpose of clarity, the foregoing rule does not apply to club sports unaffiliated with a player’s school.
  9. I) Coaches. Coaches are selected by the athletic director and the coordinator.

The above information and polices are general in nature. They are not intended to cover every aspect of the program but rather to give a general outline. They remain subject to change at any time.