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Teachers, parents and students work together
to help build on individual strengths.


St. Alexander School is a vital and integral part of the St. Alexander community. Within the evangelizing mission of the Church and parish, St. Alexander School is called to witness, proclaim and teach the Good News of the Gospel through participation and a commitment to service. We establish a learning environment which is focused on students, guided by teachers, and supported by families.

Our mission is to provide a safe, educational environment of spiritual growth and academic excellence—preparing our students to become adults who are socially responsible and morally sound.



Our faith-filled leaders are committed to establishing a partnership between home, school, church, and the community.

St. Alexander School provides a comprehensive educational program, taking into account the varying needs and abilities of each student—academically, physically, and emotionally. Our dedicated educators implement a curriculum designed to meet these needs, in addition to promoting literacy and feeding the hunger for spiritual growth. The curriculum utilizes state-of-the-art technology, the arts, and physical education to enhance the core subjects.

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St. Alexander was founded in June of 1959 with the appointment of Father Joseph Hanton by Archbishop Albert Cardinal Meyer. Father Hanton selected the name “St. Alexander” in honor of the second-century pope and his own deceased father and brother who bore the same name. Father Hanton began making the reality of our founding families’ dream come true with the purchase of a 12 acre site at 126th Street and 71st Avenue.

Parishioners’ dreams became a reality when the new church and school were completed. Prior to the completion, daily Masses, Baptisms and Confessions were held in the rectory garage, which had been converted into a chapel. Sunday Masses were held at Van Henkelum Funeral Home and then moved to the auditorium of Palos East School.
The cornerstone of our church and school was laid on October 30, 1960. Cardinal Meyer dedicated the completed part of our Parish complex on October 4, 1961. In September, 1960, our doors opened for the first day of school. The enrollment was recorded at 247 children.

In 2005, St. Alexander School celebrated 50 years of academic excellence, building on our founder’s dream of providing an excellent academic, religious and moral foundation for our children.

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St. Alexander School focuses on a growth mindset approach as we work together in partnership with our parents to help each student reach their fullest potential.