Intermediate Grades

The Intermediate Department at St. Alexander works to help students be the best they can be.

grades 3-5

Teachers, parents and students work together to help build on individual strengths, thus reaching their full potential.  We strive to educate all children academically, spiritually and socially so they can be good Catholic examples within their communities.

St. Alexander offers a curriculum which continues to move students along a steady path of more complex thinking in the subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science and social science.  These subjects are supported by classes in art, music, physical education and computers.  Students participate in learning experiences such as interactive lessons, writing workshops, literature circles, and book talks.  Additionally, students are introduced to departmentalized teaching—switching classrooms and teachers—in order to prepare them for the transition to junior high.


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St. Alexander School focuses on a growth mindset approach as we work together in partnership with our parents to help each student reach their fullest potential.